About the Ranch

The 4B Longhorns Ranch is located 70 miles south of Tulsa, OK. It is owned and operated by Michael and Allison Bose, who are natives of Texas but now reside in Tulsa. Owning ranch property was always a dream of ours and the 4B Ranch is our very own “little slice of heaven”. With the help of our daughters, Megan and Amanda, and our ranch foreman, Rene, we enjoy raising beautiful Texas Longhorn cattle. 

What started as an idea to have a few ornamental Longhorn steers roaming the pastures, somehow evolved into a full blown cattle operation. We began raising these magnificent animals in 2011 with 15 bred cows purchased from the Semkin Ranch in Perry, OK. Charlene Semkin and Matt McGuire were extremely helpful resources in getting us started and to this day, we can count on their generous support as we continue to grow. With 150 head of uniquely painted cattle, they keep us busy year-round and we love every minute of it!

Our herd grazes on the lush green valley fields located on the ranch and are supplemented in the wintertime with a little homegrown hay. We are very proud to be raising free ranging, grass-fed, hormone-free and steroid-free cattle. The folks that eat our beef truly love the natural flavor and wholesomeness with which they are feeding their families.

We offer many quality Registered Texas Longhorn cattle for sale and we invite you to visit our sale page for our offerings. If you are interested in visiting our herd, purchasing some of our pure bred Texas Longhorns or perhaps some of our healthy beef, please contact us by e-mail or phone. We would love to talk to you.

-The Boses


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